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  • How can I find my child's completed reports and visit notes?
    Enter your child's patient portal account on a laptop or desktop. Letters cannot be accessed from your mobile phone (sorry!). Click on 1. My Health on the left 2. Medical Forms on the top right 3. Letter(s) corresponding to the visit date(s)
  • What diagnoses or disorders do you treat?
    We understand that many children don't fit neatly into diagnostic labels, and our team at Touchstone is well-equipped to provide the unique assessment and diagnostic consideration that each child requires. At Touchstone, we focus on children with developmental differences, along with the frequent academic and mental health needs they have. We do not specialize in children and teens with primary mood or thought disorders.
  • How do I schedule a new visit?
    Please complete our online contact form or call our office for more information
  • Do you diagnose children with autism spectrum disorder?
    We look at each child with fresh eyes, recognizing that every child develops uniquely. We will diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder when appropriate, and only after careful consideration.
  • What is neuropsychological testing?
    Neuropsychological testing is a way to understand a person’s brain functions (such as intelligence, language, visual perception, speed) through questions and other problems to solve. Assessment may require 2-6 hours, and sometimes takes more than one visit. When testing is complete, you will have a detailed report with recommendations individualized to your child, including options for ongoing care.
  • How can Touchstone help with my child's IEP?
    One of Touchstone's academic specialists can review your child's previous evaluations and current IEP, in order to advise you on the services offered and needed. Our documentation can be used as support at your school meetings. One of our academic specialists can attend an IEP meeting with you, providing support and expert input regarding your child's developmental and learning profile. Touchstone does not provide educational advocacy; instead we join your team to bring the recommendations from Touchstone directly to your school meeting.
  • How long will my visit be?
    Medical Visits For initial medical consultation, the appointment typically lasts 90 minutes. Subsequent medical visits typically last 45 minutes. Neuropsychological Testing Neuropsychologicial testing visits vary, depending on the age and pace of the child and the testing needed. Children under 2 may complete their testing in 90 minutes, or may need several breaks and take longer. Children aged 3-6 years may require 2-3 hours to complete testing. Children over 6 years of age may take longer than 3 hours. Each child is different, and we ask you to clear your schedule for the whole morning. Therapy, Tutoring, IEP Consults, and BCBA Sessions These appointments last approximately 50 minutes each. WPPSI or WISC Testing Children under 6 may require only an hour, while older children may need 2 hours or more. Times vary by child. Academic Visits Academic evaluations can require 2 hours or more.
  • What are your hours of operation?
    We are open Monday through Friday 9 am - 5 pm, please call between 8 am - 4 pm.
  • How many visits will my child have?
    At Touchstone, we provide both single consultation visits and longer-term care. Neuropsychological Testing visits will include (1) Testing with a psychologist, (2) History and physical examination with Dr. Schonwald, and (3) Feedback visit within a few weeks of testing to review the results. The feedback visit lasts approximately 45 minutes. We strongly suggest all parents attend the feedback visit, and that younger children do not (so that parents can concentrate). Touchstone will offer ongoing clinical care and/or academic support when appropriate. If your child is prescribed medication, frequent visits are scheduled. At the initiation of medication, visits occur monthly. Visits are then spread out to every 3-6 months, once the medication plan is stable, depending on the circumstances. Scheduling of tutoring, therapy, and behavior consultation visits varies widely.
  • Are parking and dining options available?
    Ample free parking is available at our office building, 304 Cambridge Road. Whole Foods is a short walk away. Sogno is open in the first floor of our building and serves lunch and dinner. Please bring snacks for your child.
  • What insurance plans do you accept?
    Our clinicians provide a range of services, some of which are covered by insurance. Medical Visits with Alison Schonwald MD or Jodi Santosuosso NP-C For Dr. Schonwald's and Jodi Santosuosso NP-C's visits, Touchstone contracts with most BCBS plans, HPHC, Fallon, Cigna, Aetna, MGB Health Plan (formerly AllWays), United, and Tufts Health Plan HMO/PPO. Touchstone does not accept Tufts Public Health Plans (Mass Health) for any of our services. Neuropsychological Testing, Consults, and Therapy Visits with Dr. Mauras For new patients who are younger than 10 years old, Touchstone accepts BCBS for visits with Dr. Mauras. Itemized receipts are provided for insurance reimbursement requests. Neuropsychological Testing, Consults, and Therapy Visits with Dr. Cook Touchstone does not accept insurance for visits with Dr. Cook. Itemized receipts are provided for insurance reimbursement requests. Academic Evaluation, IEP Consults, IEP Supports, Tutoring, Executive Function Consults Medical Insurance does not cover any of these services, as they are considered academic and not health care. Counseling visits with Laura Shulman Brochstein LICSW Touchstone does not accept insurance for these visits. Itemized receipts are provided for insurance reimbursement requests.
  • Is neuropsychological testing for children under 10 years old covered by BCBS?
    Sometimes. Many BCBS plans require prior authorization (also known as prior approval or verification of services) from BCBS before the appointment is scheduled. Yet, this approval before the visit does not guarantee payment! Your insurance company makes a final determination of payment only after the testing is completed and Touchstone submits a claim. All remuneration owed by you (e.g., co-payment, co-insurance, deductible, and non-covered services) are due promptly. We will ask for credit card information to keep on file. For information about neuropsychological testing directly from BCBS, please see:
  • What should I do if my child needs a service at Touchstone but my insurance plan does not cover it?
    This is a frustrating situation. If you would like to be seen at Touchstone, please call us for the cost of our services. We can often offer a payment plan. We might find that your child needs less evaluation than you expect --which may be less costly-- so again, please call us. If you do bring your child for an evaluation and must pay us "out of pocket," we are happy to provide an invoice with the information you will need to request reimbursement from your insurance company after testing is completed. This does not guarantee that your insurance company will reimburse you. Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts might also be useful.
  • Does my child have to be present for the telehealth visit with a medical provider (Alison Schonwald MD or Jodi Santosuosso NP-C, APRN?
    At the first visit, your clinician would like to meet your child. She may watch your child playing, observe your interactions with one another, and/or speak with your child. Plan for adolescents to have private visit time as well. Plan for your child to be present for at least 15 minutes. At follow up visits, we also prefer to see your child, and visit privately with each adolescent. We understand schedules can be unpredictable, and as always will work with you to provide the best care.
  • What link should I use for the telehealth visit?
    Choose the link below for your provider Dr. Alison Schonwald Doxy Link Dr. Carrie Mauras Zoom Link Dr. Lauren Cook Zoom Link Jodi Santosuosso, NP-C Zoom Link Laura Shulman Brochstein Zoom Link
  • What forms do I need to complete before my child's visit?
    Please see Forms Required for Your Visit for details.
  • Does my child's teacher have to complete forms before my child's visit?
    Your Touchstone provider would appreciate information from your child's teacher, but we do not require it. Teacher questionnaires can be found here for , and here for children and teens 5 years and older.

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