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UPDATE 3/4/22:

As a health care setting, we continue to practice COVID-19 safety.

Please wear a medical/surgical mask or KN95 if your child's visit will take place in the office. No cloth masks, please.

We will move your visit to a new date (within 6 weeks) if anyone in your household

  • has ANY COVID-19 symptoms or

  • has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 10 days 


Even with a negative test, we ask you not to come to our office with any symptoms, in order to maximize our ability to continue providing care. Please contact us with any questions.

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What to Expect at Your Office Appointment

with our COVID-19 Precautions

About Us

At Touchstone, we provide quality evaluation and committed care for all of your child's developmental needs. Whether you or someone else questions a diagnosis, or if you already have one, our highly experienced clinicians work together to join your journey to promote your child's success. 


At Touchstone Neurodevelopmental Center, we care for your child through young adulthood. With visits timed to match your child's needs, we guide you through the educational and health care systems; we anticipate the next steps so you are positioned to proactively advocate for your child's best outcome.


Whether our providers evaluated your child, someone else already has, or if your child has never been diagnosed at all, Touchstone welcomes you.


Our team provides comprehensive evaluations for children ages 0-22, with questions of developmental or learning challenges

Neuropsychological Testing
Neuropsychological Testing

Our team will evaluate and review whether medication is part of a useful and reasonable treatment plan for your child


We will assess and review your child’s current academic performance and help develop an individualized learning plan

Academic Evaluation & Consultation
Academic Evaluation & Consultation

Personalized tutoring programs are available for students seeking specialized reading support, using the Orton-Gillingham methodology


Psychotherapy and parent support are available for children and their caregivers.

Psychotherapy and Parent Support
Psychotherapy and Parent Support


Let’s work together to create a guardianship plan to support a successful transition to adulthood

Transition Care & Guardianship Evaluation
Transition Care & Guardianship Evaluation

We Are Here To Help

Touchstone Neurodevelopmental Center is committed to providing high quality care for children and families with learning, developmental, language, and/or social communication differences. Using a team approach, our experienced providers will work with your family from diagnosis through treatment plan to provide continuous support and clarity.

"I can't thank you guys enough.

You have really turned our lives around.

I recommend you to everyone."

- Mom of 2, Winchester MA

 “My experience with Alex has only been amazing. She has worked with me longer than any other teacher or tutor and she's helped me more than anyone else. I could have never imagined when I started working with her that I would be at the place I am now….a place where I feel good about myself and my reading.”

- Student, 12th grade

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